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Latest News: Application to the 2015 Global Metrology Academy of KRISS - Korea


Application to the 2015 Global Metrology Academy of KRISS - Korea


Over the past two years of its initial operation, GMA - the Global Metrology Academy of KRISS has rendered services for metrology HRD in forms
of group and individual courses. Its group courses have been offered around three times a year. This year will be the same as we are organizing
three (3) courses including Flow Measurement and Calibration (1-12 June 2015) and Ionizing Radiation Measurement (31 Aug - 11 Sept 2015).
As an effort to accommodate the voice of our customers in need of opportunity to learn more about fundamental and strategic issues in metrology,
GMA has developed a course named "Metrology in General (MiG)." Scheduled to take place in the forthcoming March (23-27 March, 2015),
the MiG course will be presenting subjects of such fundamental issues of metrology as the operations of quality infrastructure, CIPM MRA, QMS
requirements for a metrology laboratory, CMC-KC procedures, traceability and uncertainty in measurement. In addition, we have put in an invited
talk designed to share information about Korea's science and technology innovation in support of her economic growth along with the significant role
of standards played in achieving such a rapid economic performance of Korea. Lecturers are invited from within and out of KRISS who have expertise
and experience in each subject. In view of its features as above, the right people to come on to the MiG course might among others be QMS managers,
heads of metrology laboratories, and high-level government officials who are in charge of making policies on their national quality infrastructure.
Meanwhile its applications to the MiG course are due by the end of this month. Therefore, I would like to ask for your cooperation in finding candidates
and encouraging them to join the course so that they could make their applications in time. In sending out your notice to those concerned, please do not
skip over its financial arrangements that selected participants from the developing world will be given free accommodations (hotel and breakfast),
local transportation and daily commute, lunch for working days at KRISS, depending on the availability of financial resources. Sessions at KRISS will be 
followed by technical visit to Samsung Electronics and cultural experiences in Seoul.
With all my warmest regards and the best wishes, I am looking forward to opportunities receiving participants from AFRIMETS/SADCMET member laboratories.
Sincerely yours,
Sangwook SEO (Mr)  swseo@kriss.re.kr
Global Metrology Academy (GMA)
Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS)
#267 Gajeong-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 305-340, KOREA
TEL + 82 (042) 868 5440, 5565 (F) www.kriss.re.kr




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GMA Courses 2015 (overview)-Dec-12-2014.pdf    
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