Objectives of SADCMET



The SADC Cooperation in Measurement Traceability coordinate metrology activities and services in the Region, in order to provide regional calibration and testing services, including regulatory bodies, with readily available traceability to the SI units of measurement, through legally defined and regionally and internationally recognized national measurement standards.
Its major objectives are to:
  1. Promote closer collaboration amongst its members in their own work on measurement standards
    within the present decentralized regional metrology structure
  2. Improve existing national measurement standards and facilities and make them accessible to all
  3. Ensure that new national measurement standards and facilities developed in the context of SADCMET collaborations are accessible to all members
  4. Contribute to the formulation of and participate in intra and inter-regional systems to maintain the continued traceability of the national measurement standards of the SADC Member states to the SI units of measurement
  5. Encourage the harmonization of legislation relating to national measurement standards.