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Committee on JCRB Matters

TC-1 JCRB Matters
Terms of Reference Addressing all issues and dealing with all actions arising from SADCMET's membership of the Joint Committee of Regional Metrology Organisations (JCRB) and the BIPM through AFRIMETS as the RMO for Africa.
Framework Global recognition of calibration certificates issued by SADC National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) requires membership or association of SADC NMIs to the Metre Convention, signing of the global MRA between NMIs, participation of SADC NMIs in CIPM and RMO key and supplementary comparisons, the organisation of SADCMET key and supplementary comparisons, a quality system in compliance with ISO standard 17025 or equivalent, the verification of the claimed best measurement capabilities of regional NMIs by SADCMET and the inclusion of their internationally reviewed calibration and measurement capabilities (CMCs) in the BIPM key comparison database.
Members All SADCMET members.

Mr Modiriemang Kame (Botswana Bureau of Standards)

Private Bag BO 0048
Gaborone, Botswana
Tel: +267 3903200
Fax: +267 3903120

Working Groups TC-1 working groups,   which mirror the CIPM Consultative Committees and AFRIMETS, have been formed for all major metrology areas.